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We offer a four hour coaching package for just €100,- (actual value 450, the rest is sponsored and these are business costs)

It's your choice and based on your needs how we conduct our time (for example by mail, phone or live).

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Contact us and we’ll get you started right away. After a free intake and a short questionnaire, we match you with one of

our coaches. Over the course of four hours of individual coaching you will benefit from concrete assignments, pointed advice

and motivation to help you acquire

valuable new insights and (soft) skills.


Individual support is not just a catchphrase. Our four-hour coaching packages are flexible to your needs. With the help of your coach you set a clearly outlined goal.

You decide whether you want to plan your sessions four days in a row to kickstart a new project or if you'd rather have a couple of well-timed consultations spread out over the course of a few months. Face to face, online, via e-mail or over the phone: it’s up to you.

(if paying €100,- is not within your possibilities please reach out to us by email ( and we will have contact about this)

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