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Agency for Ambition is a non-profit organisation founded to support young creatives who are starting off their career in the creative field. Often, it’s not a lack of creativity, talent or drive that holds creatives back, it’s their entrepreneurial skills and business insights that are lagging behind. We believe some, if not most, of those skills can be taught. Furthermore, with the right guidance, every creative can navigate the specific challenges of working in the creative field. We also believe the benefit is mutual: by helping more creatives find their path to a fulfilling career, we all profit from the creative insights and solutions they have to offer.


Agency for Ambition is founded by creative entrepreneur Anne Veenstra. As a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven herself, she knows the particular demands of the creative profession, and is passionate about sharing her business insights, professional skills and extensive network with young creatives carving out their creative practice. In Agency for Ambition she has brought together a group of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs to help anyone who’s ready to put in the work and leave their mark on the world.

We’re here for you

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